I discovered the world of iPhoneography

I love photography, ever since I bought my Asahi Pentax, a 35mm film camera with my first paycheck on that summer job between college semesters. My equipment grew over the years to quite a handful… then life intervened. Carrying all that became most difficult, in fact, walking became difficult. Oh, I can get around the house, go shopping, but those treks into the unknown in search of that special photograph ended. Then I discovered the iPhone… At first I had the 4s. It was great, but I was not wise when it came to selection memory! Last year I decided to upgrade to the 6s…boy did I ever make sure I had plenty of memory to play with.

I am going to post a few images here that I have taken with my 6s. I also discovered some great iPad apps. I use the basic edit on the iPhone, but then I sometimes take images into creative photo apps. My favorites are Enlight, Procreate and Snapseed.spiderwort

To the left is a spiderwort blossom. I used a CamRah clip-on micro lens. I then did basic enhancement.

Tool still life

Had some fun with an odd assortment of tools in this “Tool Still life.” I worked on it in Enlight to give some texture and sharper detail.

Now this next one was done in two apps, both Enlight IMG_0524and Procreate. I turned the original into a sketch image then placed that sketch image on top of the full colored image. I lowered the opaqueness of the sketch layer and started to erase sections to let the full colored version to show through. On the right is another done IMG_0278using the same technique.

Now for someone who has used programs such as Photoshop, Corel Painter on their full size computer, learning to ‘downsize’ to an iPhone and iPad for the whole shebang is quite a creative journey with a major learning curve. I see I also need to upgrade my skills on this website.

One last image…using the panoramic feature of the 6s




About Barbara

Entering a new journey in my life. Finished a most satisfying career in teaching within a special certificate program for those who did not fit into a credit program, or those who were looking to make an upgrade in their skills in life. It was a special time for me to work with them. Tried doing freelance writing till new obstacles came my way. Now I am ready to explore and learn new things.
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3 Responses to I discovered the world of iPhoneography

  1. Frances 🌺 says:

    I take all the photos for the recipes on my my blog with the 6s…it is a powerful little camera and I aways have it with me, so I take photos every day!

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