The Cabbage Palm and Me…

I consider myself lucky as all I have to do is step outside my front door and Mother Nature greets me. I do not have a manicured yard where everything has a specific place and growth is strictly pruned. My yard just happens!  I love it. In the circle, that I call my jungle, live bunnies, squirrels, a black racer and once there was a basilisk lizard!

The main focus of foliage in the circle is the presence of the cabbage palms. This is the state tree of Florida. It is also known as the sabal palm. It is found everywhere and is almost impossible to stop its growth outside of just digging it up! Even the seedlings with their foot long tap root are extremely difficult to pull up. Talk about persistence. This is a trait I need to adopt more often.

I love to see the sunlight coming through the fronds. The lines within the frond itself, its curling main spine…then the threads that appear when the wind causes movement between them.   Below are two images that show both of these elements.

I used my iPhone 6s for these images with its built in enhancement. For the collage I used Enlight. The bottom image was also enhanced in Enlight as well as the removal of some unwanted ‘debris.’

frond collageVersion 2

For me, seeing the effects of the sun’s rays on the fronds excites me. Not sure what that says about me… The sunlight brings out the beauty of this often overlooked tree. Even on a gray day, I see the patterns within the frond. I see how the frond stands up to the wear and tear of the wind, rain and storms. It keeps its dignity, its basic beauty. The next two images show how it can become a host to another living plant. In the left image, strangler fig settles in one of the boots of the palm. It starts its growth and some day may encircle the trunk of the palm. The right image below it, shows the start of a vine.

Cabbage Palm:stranglerThe strangler fig is a tenacious plant, hanging on for all it’s worth. In one way it has too strong a hold on the tree, hence its name…strangler fig. For me, this is a message to ease back from things that bother me. I should not let them take such a strong hold of my thoughts, my actions…as they will strangle them. This strong hold can restrict my ability to think clearly, to see beyond my frustrations, my pain or whatever it is that is trying to hold on to my thoughts and actions.


Frond detail


I love to go out in the early morning or late  afternoon and look around me. I take several deep breaths and let Mother Nature do her magic healing on my tired or frustrated spirit. I come back in feeling refreshed.

Mother Nature is amazing. There is so much to see, but you have to stop and look closely to be able to see the wonders it holds…often out of sight from the casual glance most give it.


About Barbara

Entering a new journey in my life. Finished a most satisfying career in teaching within a special certificate program for those who did not fit into a credit program, or those who were looking to make an upgrade in their skills in life. It was a special time for me to work with them. Tried doing freelance writing till new obstacles came my way. Now I am ready to explore and learn new things.
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2 Responses to The Cabbage Palm and Me…

  1. Julie says:

    This is a wonderful perspective on nature and its affect on human emotions! Thanks for that, Barbara.

    Julie (Worcester, MA)

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