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Attitude and Belief: The Keys to Our Success

 Published in: Life Skills Magazine July 2011

My Teresa.

Do you ever recall watching a toddler at that stage when the child is just becoming a toddler in the real sense? They pull themselves up, plop down, get up, plop down, up, down, and then one day… that special moment happens: they take their first step.

The look of joy on their face tells you that they are only too aware of the magic of that moment. They have not learned the word ‘can’t.’  For us as adults, we have learned the word can’t and to get ourselves to go beyond it, is sometimes paralyzing.  Perhaps it is our past failures; maybe we never received the encouragement we needed to step into the unknown. Whatever it may be, we must now learn to step over that dreaded word and move on.

We do not always have the option to pick and choose what happens in our lives, but we do have the option to determine what our attitude will be and the steps we need to take in order to keep moving forward. There may be times when we may have to take two steps backward for every step forward. The critical part here is that we do not get sidetracked regarding our movement forward. We have to believe in ourselves and persevere in our actions when striving for our goal.

Monstera leaf

There may not be a smooth road for us to follow. That road may be filled with potholes, or obstacles of various kinds: job loss, health issues, and family difficulties. The list can go on and on. In fact, our life at this moment may seem to be a monstrous disaster, full of potholes, just like this leaf, monstera.

You have to believe. You have to have that positive attitude and realize that your efforts will pay off. You, as an individual, are worth it. Again…. believe, plan, and start with small positive steps. Get help if needed… but keep moving forward. You just may surprise yourself. You need to be aware of you strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it takes time and effort to peel away the outer layers to find that inner core that is the true you.  Write it all down… make a list… check it over and over… scratch out the ones that do not feel right to you. Ask yourself questions. “What do I want out of life?” “What do I enjoy doing most in life?” “Where am I going?”

Some people are able to deal with it better than others. Often it is our expectations that bring us down. We believe we should have accomplished this or that, by this time in our life. Where do these expectations come from? Are they our own, or those engrained in us by our family or friends? You need to look at these expectations as they may just be added ‘weight’ in your life. We are all different. What worked great for your sibling, friend or cousin, may not be the right direction for you. It is up to you to figure out how to navigate this strange map with all its potholes. Just know that you are not alone. There are people, agencies and networks out there to help you. The main thing is to keep moving, one step at a time; stay positive and believe!


Taking off to Catch a Dream

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Published in the 25th edition of Life Skills Magazine March 2012

Dreams are a part of life for almost every one at any age. Not every dream is about reaching the top. There are other dreams closer to earth, like getting an ‘A’ on the math test, getting a date with the girl in the back row. Another is being able to buy that bike, or car one day. A dream can just remain in your thoughts or you can start searching for the steps to make that dream come a reality.

How does one go about making a dream or goal become reality?

First it must be determined if it is indeed a real possibility. There are dreams that do not fit reality as there are no steps you can take to make it actually happen. Winning the lottery is one of those. You buy the ticket, but that is where your efforts stop.

Buying the bike of your dreams needs some planning, but this is a dream you may be able to make happen. There are definite steps you can take to make it a reality. You can ask for extra chores so you can have a larger allowance. Not going to the movies for a month or two, is one idea. Getting out to see if you can get some lawn mowing jobs would be a big help too.

When it comes to buying that car, well, the stakes were raised a bit higher. How bad do you want that car? Is a loan a possibility? Could you take on a second job, a part-time one? What can you do without in order to make those car payments happen?

Now to head in a totally different direction:

How about the dream to become a freelance writer? Do you have any ideas about how to make it a reality?  Your first question must be, do you have what it takes to be a good writer? There are specific skills that are needed. Yes, some can be learned, but there is also an inner gift that is needed. The gift of knowing what to do with words, how to take dreams and turn them into words.

This is just the beginning. After saying you want to write, what do you do with those written words? They cannot just remain on the paper and placed into a folder to be forgotten. Now the real reality of writing must be addressed. It is called the business side of writing. This skill does not come always come easily to the creative person. Writing is one thing, math, marketing, networking is the busy work. These details are needed if those words are ever going to take flight!

A business manager is not available at the beginning of a writer’s journey. It is up to the writer learn the dry and non-creative business side of writing. Non-creative? Oh no, it is here the writer has to be the most creative of all if they want their dream to take flight.

There is the job of getting your words in front of people you that may be interested. You can’t just stick your words in front of them. A presentation is needed, something unique! The real reality is when the words come back to you. “Sorry, not quite what we were looking for” Don’t let this stop you!  Keep on moving forward. You must believe in yourself. Keep that dream alive within and go after it.


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