Fifty Three Paper: Digital art

Having fun with a new form of art…digital art created on the iPad. I am using Fifty Three Paper’s app, along with their Pencil…a stylus extraordinaire. You can learn more about it here. I will begin to add sample as time goes on.

Their site MIX is a truly unique experience where artists of all levels are able to interact with each others work. At times all one can do is be totally amazed at the advanced skill in this new art form that has been reached by certain individuals.

What I will be doing eventuality is creating a gallery of my images. Right now, I am just going to post a few now and then. Hopefully this will help me become more active with the creation of images.

morning sky_frame

I love going to the beach to watch the dawn. Seeing the birds flying against the early morning sky is a favorite of mine. I also love exploring the sands for treasures that the waves bring up. For me that means the myriad of shells.  The shells are not always as large as the conch in the image below, but just as beautiful.


Special Moments_frame

Having trouble with WordPress again… Now below is a more dramatic one about that unexpected path. Should you take it and see where it leads? Life is not always laid out with a simple road map. Often there are little side roads that may be the ones that will take you to unbelievable new journeys.

Stone Wall

Here is my first free drawn sketch of Elliot, Bud and Brian…Matrix ReLoaded at work. What beautiful music. They never rehearse, meet every two weeks to play and will often dive right into a new tune they have never played before…and it comes out great!  See, that is what happens when you take that unexpected path!

nurture your talents_frame

Enough for now. I see so much more that I need to learn with this amazing app called Paper by Fifty Three



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