Image Gallery

An Osprey looking down at me with those piercing eyes. Some enhancement was done in Photoshop


A great Blue Heron among the mangroves. The image was worked on in Painter and Photoshop


This magnificent Bird of Paradise flower is amazing to see “in person.”


My phalaenopis orchid, while it looks so delicate, the plant is most hardy.

Full Cycle

This image shows the full cycle of the magnolia blossom, from bud to full bloom and beyond…

A project I am most proud of is a full-sized cross I did a long time ago. It was a full size cross with the body of Christ carved into the cross itself. I am posting the beginning, an image of me carving and the finished project.


me carving


 Here is a newer carving. It is ‘my’ hand, much larger than reality though. It is a symbolic carving and how to put the symbolism into words is not easy. This hand symbolizes my life, my reaching out to new experiences, accepting what life has brought and so much more….

reaching 2

The image below, is from one of the two showings I had of my photography at the Backus Gallery in Fort Pierce, Florida. The bromeliad is like a mini community for insects as it collects the water that they need for survival. It then becomes the feeding ground for those critters that love to dine on insects!


Detail of a bromeliad

Here is another photo, from my first showing. It was made from multiple images of antique wheels photos that I had taken when visiting my father’s home town of Terra Alta, WV. This town is one that time has forgotten. It has a great history, but its location makes it hard when it comes to our present world. The farmer, also an antique collector, had all his antique farming and harvesting equipment lined up for people to see before an auction was to take place.

Caught in the Gears of Setting Up

Caught in the Gears of Setting Up


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