Freelance Writing and Digital Art done in Fifty Three Paper

There are times we need a blog post or an article and we just do not have the time or perhaps the expertise to put it together. So we search, just like Tammy is searching below. She knows what she wants is there, the problem is finding it. Tammy was always most persistent in her searches, just like I am going to be to find articles and blog posts to write.

One of my favorite writing sites in the past, was BlogMutt:
Everyone quickly discovers that it is a special place to work. It has the most positive community of writers, many of whom become your writing ‘buddies’. They give praise when you succeed and pick you up when a rejection or other writing difficulties come through. The rapport between the staff and writers is constant, efficient and positive. Problems may arise and help is given. Other writers often respond to questions as well as the staff.

If you are looking for a place to write, that does not fill your life with constant stress with deadlines etc, this is it. I have provided a link to their page for new writers here. How much you make is determined by how much you write. Here is a link to my profile page that also shows comments on my work.

Other writing sites: Zerys
I am slowly spreading my wings, finding new sites. Zerys is my next favorite. I am sure that my experiences will grow, hopefully in a positive way. Writing is a most interesting journey for me. While research may seem a drudgery at times, I am always amazed that the fascinating subjects and information I come across. If any editors come exploring my portfolio, I hope you enjoy what you see. One characteristic I have is persistence. I will do my best on any project I am assigned.

More about my writing journey:
I have samples of my work here from various sites for you to explore. Just click on the tabs at the top of the page. I also have my profile on LinkedIn for further reference.

I have worked as an adjunct instructor in the field of education on the college level. It was within a special non-credit, certificate class. Office Administration is an open classroom where students can come when they are able. Once there, they are able to work on their own individual pre-planned lessons within the various certificates offered through the program. Some had never developed any computer skills and our class, being a self-paced class, is perfect. Students who were more advanced, can come in and upgrade their computer skills and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite–from WORD to ACCESS. It is all taught there. This is one experience I will say was the most satisfying to me.

Digital Art…a new adventure
Now I will be adding samples of digital art that I did using the app Paper by FiftyThree and the PENCIL stylus. I have a lot of learning to do. Both the app and the stylus are amazing!

Interests and skills I enjoy writing about and as well drawing!
Other skills and abilities taught, are the need for a positive attitude, perseverance, organization. These were taught not by subject, but by our working with the students individually. Everyone gets one-on-one help as needed. These are the subjects that I love to write about. You can see samples in the Catch My Pain and the Life Skills Online Magazine pages.  I am now getting into the understanding and writing about the modern workplace and the need for a positive attitude, good company culture, communication between peers and the different levels of the workplace. It is changing rapidly through the  technology of this hi-tech world of today.

I also love medicine and I enjoy writing for the medically based clients on BlogMutt. I was a unit secretary in my local emergency room for 10 years. When I look at the marvelous changes coming to the world of medicine today… the technology, such as the Catch My Pain app and so much more… I see the chance for medical help reaching all areas of the globe. Yes, I love to write about this area also.

Necessity has directed me to the world of Alternative Medicine. It is in this field that I have found relief and a promise for success in dealing with various aspects of my medical history. I hope to include more article samples here for you to view. Nature…heals in so many ways. For me, it is the ultimate healer.

Did you find it, Tammy?


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